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Hey, it's Chơn Đức's 
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Sư Cô Thích Nữ Chơn Đức is a westerner who was born and raised in Massachusetts and first became a Buddhist nun in the Vietnamese Lam Te tradition in 1997. She took Bhikhsuni (Full) Ordination in 2001.

Sư Cô Thích Nữ Chơn Đức with her Master, Ḥa Thượng Thích Măn Giác
 at Chùa Việt Nam in Los Angeles


July 2, 2006





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2006 Stuff 

Attended the 12th Western Buddhist Monastic Gathering

Trip to Vietnam in April and May reaped learning experience and will be added soon


Happenings in 2005

Visited Chua Dieu Quang in Sacramento

Attended the 2005 11th Western Buddhist Monastic Conference 
(see: for pictures and information)

Visited Master, kinfolk and friends in LA

Grand Ordination in San Diego

July and August in Maine

Help introduce the game of Go to visitors at the Malden Library

Visited Chua in East Boston

Participated in Go Tournament

Visited Kurukulla Tibetan Center 

Exciting trip to California for a fund raiser in San Diego, visited Family in friends in Los Angeles and the Mojave desert

March 8, 2005 (Tues.) - returning to my Mother's in Medford, Massachusetts (via Manchester, NH Airport)

February 23, 2005 (Wed.) - returning to San Diego, California to help with a fund raiser for the new Buddha hall at Tịnh Xá Ngọc Minh (Ngoc Minh Temple).

Moved to Massachusetts in time for Blizzard 
January 18, 2005

Thanksgiving in the desert - November 25, 2004

Trip to Los Angeles - November 5 -8, 2004
to attend a Memorial Service for Anne Friend, visit friends
 and pay my respects to my Master, Ḥa Thượng Thích Măn Giác.

 Hoover High School Go Club 
had it's first meeting October 25, 2004.  

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Contact Information  

Address: Sư Cô Thích Nữ Chơn Đức
               21 Oakland St.
               Medford, MA 02155

Formerly at: Tịnh Xá Ngọc Minh 
                           (Ngoc Minh Vietnamese Buddhist Temple/Vihara)
                 3776 46th Street
                      San Diego, CA 92105 USA