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Moved to Massachusetts in time for Blizzard - January 18, 2005

After a going away party with the kids at Tịnh Xá Ngọc Minh (Ngoc Minh Vietnamese Buddhist Temple/Vihara) in San Diego, CA 92105 USA,

I'm in the shadows with a white and blue striped sweater and glasses. I thought it was pretty cold at 50 degrees. I had forgotten just how cold 2 degrees is until I got to Massachusetts. 

I flew to Manchester, NH where my nephew kindly picked me up and took me to my Mother's on Tuesday, January 18, 2005. The following day it snowed a bit and the temperature dropped 2 degrees. Early evening, Saturday, January 22, 2005 the worst blizzard in some years hit with heavy snow and winds gusting to 50 miles an hour. The pre and post pictures pretty well says it all about the two feet of snow.