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Surgery was successful - December 10, 2004

I had surgery at UCSD Medical Center to remove a leaking silicon breast  implant that was put in 15 years ago when I had mastectomies for breast cancer.

I had hope that I would get one of the new 'gummy bear' silicon ones but had to settle for a saline implant since the other is still in the experimental stage and my doctor couldn't get the OK. 

As usual, it took a nurse and two doctors to find a vein for the drip and anesthesia. They made holes in both arms, both feet and I was beginning to feel like a golf course although they succeeded in getting one started at the bottom of my thumb before they reached the 18th hole. 

I had a hard talk with everyone involved about my previous bad experiences with medication. The anesthetist agreed not to give me a sedative or nausea medication before or during the surgery nor afterwards unless I asked for them. Also to give me minimal pain medication during the operation. Because of this cooperation, I woke promptly, clear headed and did not feel sick to my stomach at all. In previous operations, I told them this but they ignored me and gave me a sedative, nausea medication and a dose of pain medication that matched my physical size after which they had trouble waking me and I felt awful for weeks afterward.

Since then I have had no pain and have not had to take the pain medication that they gave me. I had a small problem with skin breaking down under the bandages but now that they are off it should heal quickly.