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Trip to Los Angeles - November 5 -8, 2004 

I rented a car on Friday, drove up to L.A., and had lunch with Jane, a friend of 25 years from St. Simon's Episcopal Church. Friday evening I had supper with Norman and Duncan and we reminisced about singing with Anne. Katie was kind enough to put me up (or put up with me?)

Saturday, after breakfast with Katie, I visited Murray, who I've known for the last 35 years. Back in the Hollywood days, I taught him to ride a motorcycle. I then visited my nephew Peter and met his roommate. I picked up Katie and we met her friends for supper and then went shopping.



Peter & Guy


Master, Most Ven. Thich Man Giac & me

old friend, Thich Tanh Quang

Me & Katie

On Sunday, I paid my respects to my Master, Ha Thượng Thch Mn Gic at Cha Việt Nam and joined in on the Sunday service in Vietnamese.  

Anne Friend From there Katie and I attended a Quaker Memorial Service for my good friend, Anne Friend. Other Shape note singers were there and we sang in her honor. It was heart warming to see people from the Santa Monica Go club, the fire department, the Fire Buff club, the Catholic Worker, along with the Shape note singers, friends from Meeting, tenants from her home and her family who she loved. We took turns getting up and sharing our thoughts about her.

Afterward, Katie and I had a delicious supper with Nels, which he made, and watched a movie about the Vietnamese refugees, Green Dragon.

Monday morning I drove home. In the afternoon, I went to the Hoover High Go Club and took some pictures.