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While at the Conference in Taiwan, I was invited to visit Vietnam. 

I arrived November 19, 2000. Ven. Thích Trí Tuệ, a monk from Vancouver, Washington, arranged for me to stay with a family in Saigon and at two temples in the Me Cong Delta, Bửu Hưng Cô Tự in Tỉnh Đồng Tháp and Chùa Bửu Thanh in Tỉnh Vỉnh Long. 

Bửu Hưng Cô Tự, a three hundred year old temple, can only be reached by boat. Drinking water is collected off the roof and wash water is from this river. There were 5 child nuns who followed me around. Cooking was done in a lean-to where I "helped". Everyone was warm and friendly.