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Ceremonies -

    December 29, 2004 - Tsunami Fund Raiser at Như Lai Thiền Tự in San Diego.

    November 7, 2004 - Trip to Los Angeles to attend a Quaker Memorial Service for 
                                my very good friend, Anne Friend.

    June 6, 2004 - Buddha's Birthday celebration at Như Lai Thiền Tự in San Diego, CA

    November 3, 2001 - Full Ordination (Bhiksuni/Bhikshuni/Bhikkhuni/Tỳ Kheo Ni) 
                                     at Tổ Đnh Từ Hiếu in Gardena, CA 

Conferences, etc. -

    June 26 - 30, 2006 - 12th Western Buddhist Monastic Gathering at The Bhavana Society,
                         High View, West Virginia, a Theravada Forest Monastery and Meditation Center.

     September 27 - October 1, 2004 - The (10th) Western Buddhist Monastic Conference
at the Land of Medicine Buddha in Soquel, CA. 

October 6 -10, 2003 - The 9th Buddhist Monastic Conference at the 
                                        Vajrapani Institute in Boulder Creek, California
  May 2002 -  Dana rounds and conference  
November 2000 - 7th World Buddhist Sangha Conference in Taiwan. 
                                     While there I was invited to visit Vietnam and South Korea.

    October 25, 2004 - Hoover High School Go Club had it's first meeting. 

    May 1-7, 2004 - Invited to speak at Cha Bảo Quang, San Antonio, Texas
Are You A Bodhisattva-in-training? for copy of talk

    June 20, 2004 - Invited to speak at Cha Lm Tỳ Ni (Lam Ty Ni Temple), Lawrence, MA
How to Practice Zen Meditation in Daily Life (working meditation)  
                                for copy of talk

     September 7, 2003 - Invited to speak to GLBT meditation group meeting, San Diego, 
                                CA  see
The Three Poisons for copy of talk

December 10, 2004 - Surgery was successful  

MoveS (to new residence) -
January 18, 2005 - Moved to Massachusetts in time for Blizzard 

    April 10, 2003 - Tịnh X Ngọc Minh (Ngoc Minh Temple/Monastery/Vihara), San Diego CA

    August 7, 1999 -Cha Việt Nam, Los Angeles, CA 

Visits to friends and family -
November 25, 2004 - Thanksgiving in the desert 

     November 5 -8, 2004 - Trip to Los Angeles  

     June 11, 2004 - Celebrated my Mother's birthday in Malden, Massachusetts

     June 8-24, 2004 - Visited my family in Maine, various Old Friends in Massachusetts.

visits to Temples 
    November 7, 2004 - Trip to Los Angeles  to pay my respects to my Master, 
                         Ha Thượng Thch Mn Gic at
Cha Việt Nam, Los Angeles, CA

     May 28, 2004 - Thiển Viện Sng Nghim, Garden Grove, CA USA

    December 1, 2000 - I visited Bo Myung Sa (Bo Myung Temple) 
                                    in Seoul, South Korea.

    November 19, 2000 - I visited Vietnam, and stayed at two temples in the Me Cong Delta, 
Bửu Hưng C Tự  and Cha Bửu Thanh, and with a family in Saigon. 

    April 19, 2003 - Performed Wedding at Samuel P. Taylor State Park 
                             in Marin County California USA